Ansell Family Film

Family films have been something I have been wanting to offer for a long time. I’m so excited this is something I can offer my amazing families!

The films are created by taking short video clips during our session. Then I put the clips together with music and use sound from the footage as well. They are created to reflect this time in your life, so no posing or scripts.

If you can’t tell… I really love them… and the clients I have made them for love them. It is such a special keepsake for a young family. Well here have a look and take a peek at an afternoon with the Ansell family.

So good right? The toddler wiggle dance… sweet baby smiles… big kids making forts. All the good stuff.

You can schedule only a film session or a photo + film sessions, so I take still photographs and video clips during the session. The Ansell’s have both! The photos show life with four kids! They choose this type of session because it was not stressful and relaxed. Ideal for families with small active children who don’t want to worry about kids behaving and smiling for the camera.

I can say from experience, my kids are in upper elementary and middle school… I promise you will miss this. At least always carry a bit of nostalgia about the days your child was a baby. Okay, now I’m off to look at old baby photos of my children.