Bundle of Joy

This sweet family moved and added a newborn (to make a family of five!) in less than a month AND still invited me to come document this special time in their life. No excuses peeps… you can always find time for photos 🙂 Because let’s face it folks, what really matters are those wonderful human beings in the photos. Am I right? or am I right?

Welcome to the world sweet Xavier! Your sisters absolutely adore you!!!

The best part of moving into a new house…. all the big window and everything is white. It just makes the adorable subjects pop out of the image even more!

We can’t forget Mom and Dad. Once the girls were busy with snacks and toys, we snuck in some photos of just Mom, Dad and Xavier. Also as a parent of three, it is so true that you are more relaxed with each additional baby.

Always at the end of a session, I like when families just do their thing. The kids play and forget to put on a show for me. Usually this is when my favorite images happen. I’m not sure if this is anyone else’s favorite…. but I love how Xavier’s big sister just laid her head and snuggled her brother. *sigh* The sweetest family of five. Thank you for making time for photos. <3