Hello Presley!

I just love this family!!! First of all, Presley’s Dad was the best man at our wedding. I’m not sure if I have laugh-cried any harder than I did during his best man speech. Their little guy, Preston, is only a couple months older than my daughter, so Tara and I were preggos together. It was so much fun to get them in the studio for some photos! 2017-03-20_0001

Big brother Preston (age 3) was not interested in having photos with his baby sister. After giving him a little time to hang out in the studio he was ready to snuggled up with her… for about 3 seconds. Just enough for adorable sibling photos! 2017-03-20_0002

Presley gave the BEST smile while Mom was holding her. It is one of my all time favorite photos! Much love to you all!!! Congratulations on you new little sweetheart!2017-03-20_0003