Modern School Portraits

It’s back to school time around here in Indy. We’ve picked out our new supplies and backpacks. (Seriously, is there anything better than a box full of fresh new crayons?!?)  The kids are excited to see their friends and teachers. I’m excited to for pumpkin spice lattes and fall photos, including offering my new Modern School Portrait experience!

What do you think of when you hear school portraits? Cheesy smiles… busy backgrounds… expensive prints…huge companies. Me too, but I’m trying to change that one school at a time!

I remember seeing my child’s first school photo (in preschool) by a professional photographer. The light grey background washed out my pale faced daughter and she looked almost sickly. I still purchased photos even though they weren’t great (and I already have a bunch that I took that I love), but I wanted to have a “school photo” to remember her very first year. The next year I opted to pay more money for a blue background, but her expression was still stiff and uncomfortable. Again, I still purchased a package of photos.

Last year when my daughter was in school, the photographer actually told the kids not to smile. (Sometimes that trick works, but not for preschoolers, they really didn’t smile in their photos.) I was frustrated, the preschool director was frustrated, and parents were upset and talking to me about it. How many parents and families were going though this similar problem? Why does school photography have to be this way?

Then a lightbulb clicked! Perhaps I should offer school portraits!?! I went home and thought about it. Although I have photographed families and children for many years, it was new territory to set up a studio a school. I decided to give a try! I adore children and wanted to give them a fun photography experience. What would I want my children’s school photo to look like? First, I would want a clutter free background. Something classic that would look great with every skin tone and outfit choice. Then I would add a simple lighting set up or natural light if available. Most importantly I would want my children’s personality to shine through in the photographs. There you have it… Modern School Portraits was created out of wanting the best portrait experience for all children.

I approached our preschool director about my idea and she absolutely loved it! We quickly worked out the details and set up a couple dates for photos. Picture day was amazing! The kids were adorable and so much fun. I couldn’t wait to show families their children’s gallery of images!

The overwhelming response from the parents and staff on how much they LOVED their child’s photos proved this was a necessary endeavor. Parents enjoyed the ease of online ordering digitals and/or prints. They also loved that their kid, well…. looked like their kid.

If you love your child’s school photo and portrait experience… that’s great! Your photographer is doing an awesome job. But if your unsatisfied with your school portrait experience, please contact me. I’d love to give you and your child an amazing Modern School Portrait experience!

“I have been a school administrator for many years, and our recent experience with Sarah Werner/Indigo Squirrel as our school photographer at The Children’s Museum Preschool was by far the best ever. She truly captures the essence of each student. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Cathy Southerland, Director of School Programs and Early Childhood Education

Email for more information on how to get your school on my calendar! 

Thank you to all of the families for allowing me to share your adorable kids photos!!!