Senior { Julia }

Sometimes everything is just so swimmingly awesome….

That was my session with Julia and her gorgeous colorful mane. The sun was sunny, the flowers were blooming, the air was warm but not sweat dripping warm. I just love when everything comes together so wonderfully!

A couple things I learned about Julia… she is going places.. this girl is intelligent, well spoke, mature and ready to change the world. Yas! Also, she like climbing things….multiple times during our session she would point to tall places and say, ” I can climb that… do you want me to climb up…? ” Since I cannot climb all the places, we only did a few up in trees and buildings. (but she could totally have climbed everything!)

Every time I hear the name Julia… I want to sing the song from the Beetles …. Julia, Julia, oceans child, calls me.

Thank you Julia for being you! I am so excited for you and your next chapter… because you will rock whatever you choose to do!

Hair and Make up: Leslie White