Senior {Sydney}

I love working with seniors to create a session that is all about them. (outfits, locations, mood, hair/makeup) To tell the story of who they are at this very moment. I hope they look back at their photographs and it stirs up all the feelings from their senior year. The good memories, their friends, coffee dates, football games, school and even some tough times and angst. Because sometimes you want to remember more than a pretty picture.

This is Sydney. Syd is awesome.

Our first stop was Holcomb Gardens to infuse her session with some nature. Can I just say that Spring sessions totally rock the flower department…and every smells divine!

Next up was coffee (or chai tea for Syd) and the canal!

We then headed to fountain square for some golden glow and ally art.

When we first spoke about out session, I asked about Syd’s “must have” photos. Her only request was a photo in her gorgeous dress with the marquee lights….

So excited for your future adventures! Thank you for being you Syd!