Shoot Out with the Borrowed Boutique

When I heard about this new business that rents gorgeous dresses and accessories, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Then I found out this boutique rental business was run by an awesome local woman (Emma) in Fishers, Indiana, I just had to check it out!

The Borrowed Boutique hosted photographers and models in their beautiful space for a day. Four unique scenes were created for us and the models were dressed head to toe in gorgeous outfits from the Borrowed Boutique. It was pretty much a paradise for us photographers! For me, it was a great way to get my creative juices flowing and have fun! 2017-05-14_0001


The kids were amazing! I was really blown away by their professionalism and grace. This lovely girl, Amelia, is wearing The Flower Gown, by Leah Maria Couture. All the colors and textures in this dress were so vibrant and fun.


The next scene was light and airy. We had the beautiful angel, Oliviah and a handsome prince, Jackson. The feathers and wings were awesome and I just loved Oliviah’s makeup! (Dress is from Tutu Du Monde, Military Jacket is from Stella McCartney Kids)


I might have gasped a little when I saw Lauren come out in this stunning dress from the Butterfly Closet. It was so soft and lovely. Perfect for a princess!


This victorian birdcage set was my favorite! There were so many angles and looks I could get from this area. The three models (Isabella, Silvie & Victoria) looked completely amazing (wearing Tutu Du Monde and Alexandria Olivia) and worked so well together. I would have thought they had know each other for years!


I’m pretty sure the candy bathtub set was the favorite of the girls. They were smiling, giggling and eating candy the entire time! Retro bathing suits (by Wovenplay), fun colors, bubbles, candy and an old claw foot tub..what is not to love?!?!

Thank you to the amazing hair stylists at Radiate 60 Hair Collective for our models lovely hair dos. Also the girls stunning make up by the very talented Erica Foit.

A huge thank you to Emma at the Borrowed Boutique for putting this all together! I can’t wait to rent gorgeous dresses for my clients and special occasions!