Urban Maternity

I’m lucky to photograph a lot of amazing people. These two.. well almost three, would have to be some of my favorites!

We decided to stay near home and walk around Mass Ave. The entire time thinking of walking the same steps with a supped up stroller…or perhaps a sling… not sure if they have decided on baby’s mode of transportation yet. More perks of walking along Mass Ave. is peeking in adorable children’s clothing shops. We are looking at you, Nurture!

Janet is stunning pregnant! I know. I know everyone says that about pregnant people…but in this case it is true. She one of those pregnant people that you can’t even tell they are pregnant when you are facing her. So.. a lot of turn to the side photos, so we can see that adorable bump! Also, do you see her hair? Must be all of those extra nutrients during pregnancy.

I am over the moon happy for Janet and Henrik and can’t wait to document their life together with their new little addition!