Hello Emmett!

It’s hard for me to choose what type of session I love best (because, I really love them all!!!) but meeting a new family in the hospital for a Fresh 48 session would have to be very close to the top of the list.

For a Fresh 48, we ‘pencil schedule’ our session on the Mother’s due date. Then once baby comes, Mom or Dad email or text me the happy news. (whoo hoo!!!)  We then decide on a good time for me to stop by for our session, usually about 24 – 48 hours after baby is born. I come to your hospital room with my camera and document this special time in you life.


Right after your baby is born is such a blur… especially your first baby. The Mother is still recovering from childbirth, you have nurses checking on you and your baby, changing diapers (with black stuff!?!), trying to latch on correctly, and the least amount of sleep you could even imagine. I barely remember my first couple days/months with my first child. It was a mix of diapers, feeding and always wanting more sleep. Having photos at this time might not seem like a good idea, but I promise… YOU WILL CHERISH THE PHOTOS OF YOUR NEWBORN! And when your newborn is old enough to look through photos, they will CHERISH PHOTOS OF THIER PARENTS! 2017-03-19_0002

Here is sweet Emmett and his family. He is about 36 hours old and Mom looks amazing!!! It fills my heart with joy to know this family has these photos of Emmett (and Emmett has these photos of his parents). This session is documenting the tenderness and love for a new little person. Simple. Relaxed. Beautiful. Priceless. 2017-03-19_0003